MERCI Clinic offers a variety of volunteer opportunities such as:

  • Primary Care providers
  • Dental Health providers
  • Nurses/LPNS/Assessment nurses
  • Dental tech/hygienists
  • Clerical
  • Data entry
  • Front desk
  • Telephone
  • Lab (simple procedures, no venipuncture)
  • Pharmacists/Pharmacy Techs/Pill Counters
  • Translators
  • Special projects
  • Fundraising
  • IT
  • Board members
  • And more!

Due to COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions, we are now offering some remote and virtual volunteering opportunities. If you are interested, please note this in your application.

We do expect that all volunteers will commit (2) 4-hour shifts per month, for a minimum of 8 hours/month.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer at the MERCI Clinic, please complete the application form below. Once completed and submitted, the application will go directly to the Executive Director who will forward the application to the appropriate staff member in charge. Please verify that your telephone and email addresses are correct so that we do not have a problem contacting you. If further information is needed, you can also email

*I understand by selecting the “I agree” option above that I affirm that I have a clear understanding of the Mission of MERCI Clinic, my role as a volunteer and responsibility to regard ALL information about the clinic as confidential. MERCI Clinic is committed to providing medical and dental services to individuals regardless of race, color, gender, national origin, religion or any other legally protected status.