March is time for MERCI Clinic to give thanks

Usually, November is the time when we focus on giving thanks. For MERCI Clinic, it falls in March when so many in our community deserve recognition.

Thank you, Dr. Ralph Redding and those included in that fledgling, yet tenacious group who, in 1996, made a vision become a reality.

Thank you to all of the physicians and dentists who regularly treat MERCI patients, whether at the clinic, in your offices or at the hospital.

Thank you to those in our community who have responded so rapidly to our call for funding help. Your generosity has been humbling. We look forward to hearing from still others.

Thank you to the many volunteers through the last 20 years for your caring, compassion and dedication even in the midst of myriad changes.

Thank you to the MERCI Staff. You work long hours with the minimum of compensation because your hearts are dedicated to the mission of MERCI Clinic – providing quality medical care to the uninsured.

Thank you to our many sponsors and grant funders who continue to support MERCI Clinic through their understanding of the mission as well.

Thank you to the patients of MERCI Clinic who have embraced the new donation policy by investing in their healthcare and the clinic.

Thank you, everyone, because you are all a part of “many hands providing compassionate care.”

M: Matthew 25 Ltd
E:  ECU School of Nursing
R:  Religious Community Services
C:  Community
I:   Individuals

By Priscilla Miller, Executive Director of MERCI Clinic