Feeling Good – Patient Success Story “Walter”

The MERCI Clinic patients want to tell their story– stories of how the clinic helps them get through the day. Without care from the clinic, they would be without much needed medical and dental care– and life-saving medicine. With no other options, they would be forced to seek care in the emergency room or– just go without. Many can only afford to buy either food for their family or insulin for their diabetes.

Walter is 52 years old and has been patient for 4 years. He learned about the clinic from word-of-mouth and has friends who are also patients. Walter has heart disease and has been diagnosed with diabetes. He too receives medications from the clinic pharmacy. Walter has attended the free diabetes clinic and learned about healthy cooking, eating and food shopping. He has had health insurance in the past, but recently, his deductible was raised to $10k per year. Unfortunately, he is now unable to work and is in the process of getting disability benefits.

Your donations make BIG differences in the lives of so many! No matter how big or small, we make sure to maximize every dollar. In fact, for every dollar donated, we provide $8.80 worth of quality health care for those in need. Please consider making a donation today; it could help save a life!