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Frequently Asked Questions


MANY adults with incomes below 300% of the poverty level fall into a gap of care; their incomes are too high to get Medicaid and too low to qualify for private health coverage. The doctors, nurses, dentists, pharmacists and office staff who volunteer at MERCI Clinic fill this gap so patients don’t have to choose between food and utilities OR health care and medicine.


For Patients

Q: How do I become a patient?

A: You first have to become eligible. Please call to schedule an appointment and be prepared to bring the following information for your Eligibility Meeting:

> Proof of Income (we need IRS 1040 and W-2 if applicable, or documents that show household income.)

> Medical History (list of past physicians, dates of any/all hospital visits and reasons for visit)

>List of current medications

>Photo ID with current address

Q: How long will it take to get an appointment?

A: We can not schedule Urgent Care visits. Medical appointments are scheduled 4-5 weeks in advance.

Q: What are the Pharmacy hours?

A: Tuesday and Thursday 8:00am to 5:30pm

Refills will take TWO working days from the time the request for refills was received.

REFILL LINE: 252-633-1599 x106

Q: Why can’t I get the medication that I want?

A: We get our medications from different programs and are limited as to what is available. We do our best to give you an equivalent medication that will do the same thing.

For Volunteers
Q: Who do I contact about volunteering?

A: Please click on the volunteer application (NOTE: “volunteer application” will be hyperlinked to the volunteer form). Once completed and submitted, the application will go directly to the Executive Director who will forward the application on to the staff that manages volunteer applications. Please verify that your telephone numbers and email address are correct (there are no typos) so that we do not have a problem contacting you. If further information is needed, you can email:

Q: What kind of volunteer opportunities are there?

A: MERCI Clinic offers a variety of volunteer opportunities such as: Primary Care providers, dental health providers, nurses/LPNs/assessment, dental tech/hygienists, clerical, data entry, front desk, telephone, lab (simple procedures, no venipuncture), pharmacists/pharmacy techs/pill counters, translators, special projects, fund raising, IT, Board members. If you have skill and a passion for helping others, we have a volunteer opportunity for you!

Q: What is my time commitment as a volunteer?

A: We expect, as a minimum, that a person will volunteer 2-four hour shifts per month. More is always welcome.


For Donors

Q: Are donations tax-deductible?

A: Yes. Our tax ID is: 56-2034052

Q: What are monetary donations used for?

A: Direct patient care, medical and dental supplies, office supplies, office management, utilities, upkeep.

Q: Are there any staple items that can be donated?

A: We are always in need of: copy paper, ink cartridges for HP LaserJet 1018 and Brother TN-450 and Lexmark T640 , telephone message books and receipt books (with attached carbon copy), and gift cards to local restaurants or stores (for patients who are of very limited income and, on many occasions, have not eaten in 24 hours).

Q: Are there any sponsorship opportunities available for local businesses?

A: Yes. We have two annual fundraisers, Bite of the Nite in the spring and MERCI on Middle in the fall. We gladly welcome corporate sponsorship for these events. Please contact Lynda Myers at 252-633-1599 x:101 for more information and a schedule of our events.

We are also looking for businesses that might want to sponsor the renovation of an exam or meeting room. Our building has been around for quite a few years, and needs some TLC. Businesses can choose to “sponsor” a room with funds for painting, updating, etc. That company’s logo and information would be included on all community information and would have signage in the sponsored room. Some rooms may cost more than others – office vs. clinic room. Please contact the clinic for more information.

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