Board of Directors

Thomas D. Monte, President

Cynthia Burrows, Vice President

DJ Besack, Secretary

Gary White, Treasurer

Charles Cushman, Immediate Past President

Nevada Brannon

Barbara Brosnan

Rev. David Brosnan

Dr. Victor Bustard

Sally Cornford

Mark Gatlin

L. H. Hutchens, DDS

Timothy J. McLear

Rose Miller

Bill Pressley

Ed Ruiz

Lee Ann Smith

Terri Winfield

Ex Officio

Beth Cooper, Executive Director

Ronald May, MD, Hospital Liaison

Ronald Preston, MD, Interim Medical Director

The Board of Directors meets the 3rd Monday of every month beginning at 5:15pm at the MERCI Clinic and are charged with the fiduciary oversight of the clinic. Persons with interest of being considered as a Board Member should contact Beth Cooper, Executive Director at 252-633-1599, ext. 101.