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Board of Directors

Cindy Burrows, President

Carol Winters-Thornburg, Secretary

Jim Behl

J.D. Bobbitt

Howard Furnas

Dardi Jarman

Rose Miller

Isa Gatacos-Padro

Jay Rishel

Jason Skladan

Lee Ann Smith


Ex Officio

Lynda Myers, Executive Director

Ronald May, MD, Carolina East Medical Hospital Liaison

Michael L. Davis, MD,  Medical Director

The Board of Directors meets the 3rd Monday of every month beginning at 5:15pm at the MERCI Clinic and are charged with the fiduciary oversight of the clinic.

NOTE: We are getting ready to recruit new Board Members! Persons with interest of being considered as a Board Member should contact Lynda Myers, Executive Director at 252-633-1599, ext. 101.

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